CARE Project Foundation, Inc

CARE Project Foundation, Inc formerly known as Project CARE was started in 1996 under the direction of Mr. Reginald W. Osborne and a very supportive group of associates. CARE stands as acronyms for the original name, "Concerned Action Recreational and Enrichment". The original design of the program was to focus on misguided youth from the ages of 10-17. Most of these individuals were primarily minority males (Latino & African-American) who had some type of concern or brush with the legal system. The participants came from our local juvenile justice system, group homes, foster care and even family and friends.The aim of the program was to redirect the incorrigible behavior of these individuals from negative activity to positive avenues in life. Many good deeds were done with this program, yet the "Founding Fathers" knew that there was more that could be accomplished.

 Today under a broader umbrella of participation and stronger leadership, along with more state-wide and national support we have a much greater hope and many more opportunities. We are now reaching out to "Special Needs Groups", "Senior Citizen Associations", and a great number of medical illness programs. 

 CARE Project Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit corporation. It's focus is centered on organizing and distribution of accumulated funds and gifts to support other charitable, educational, health related, humanitarian, religious and youth organizations. CARE Project Foundation, Inc is a certified 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and Texas Tax Code Section 11.18(c).

All donations to this organization are 100% Tax Deductible.

The management of the corporation is vested in its "Board of Directors" and such committees established by the board to carry out necessary functions. The Bylaws of such said organization will provide the qualifications, manner of selection, duites, terms, and other matters relating to the Board of Directors and the foundations business and obligations.


What Do We Do?

We are a non-profit organization that believes in supporting other nonprofits in their struggle to operate and survive. We also work with a number of community organizations (Reading Clubs in public and private schools, Senior Facilites and Youth Sports and Recreation Organizations). We do an annaul basket give away to needy families at both Thanksgiving & Christmas and a special toy drive for Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas,Texas. Likewise, we make donations on a regular basis to local & state-wide youth homes and assist with fundraisers on an annual basis.

Our Mission:

The mission is to make dreams into reality; Redirect as many damaged lives or negative activity to positive avenues in society and empower people to be successful. We are determined to support as many humanitarian causes as possible and to make life a lot more satisfying for many.

Our Business:

Simply put, we are a foundation that believes in total collaboration. We strive to help individuals, other foundations and non-profit entities become successful. 

Who We Are

CARE Project Foundation, Inc's Board of Directors are very loyal and dedicated to the cause. A major "Annual Sustaining Campaign Drive" is held where funds are solicited for the growth of this program other non-profit groups, and donations & scholarships for many other needed causes.

Annual Drives

Also held is an "Annual Toy Drive" for 'Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children'; An " Annual Holiday Basket Give Away" at Thanksgiving and Christmas {Twenty (20) Baskets each holiday}; and "Annual Donations to  group homes for very needy children.

Members of the board are from a diverse business & community background.

They bring lots of experience and energy to the program.

Advisory Board

Our "Advisory Board members are Elvin Bell (Business Owner), Bernard Johnson (Police Officer),Jerline Bell (Business Owner) & Ruby Walker (Dallas Area Realtor) & Regina L. Osborne-Brice, Chair of our Advisory Board.

Executive Board

Our "Executive Board is  Linda J. Adkins-Osborne,(President-Elect /HR Specialist), April McMillian-Osborne (Vice President & Executive Secretary), James-Albert R. Osborne (2nd Vice President), Reginald W. Osborne (CEO & Founder) Gary L. Walker (Engineer/Business Owner/Parlimentarian) and J. M. Fulbright, (CFO).

Legal Team

Legal Advisors are: Attorney Tiffany Pratt & Attorney Buena Vista Lyons 

Accounting Advisors

Our accounting advisors are Fulbright & Associates



Service & Impact

  • Community Service & Involvement:
    1. Annual Legal Workshop
    2. Annual Health Fair
    3. Annual Community Festival
    4. Annual Back to School Drive
    5. Counselling for all ages (State certified counselor for abuse, depression, grieving, illness, marriages & etc).... 

    Community Group Involvement

    1. Adopt-A-Child- Program

       This program will solicit names from the following:

    a. Community schools (both private & public),

    b. The Dallas County Juvenile Department,

    c.  Local Foster Care Groups....

    We are assisiting with school supplies, birthday wishes, Christmas Gifts and some special needs for children of all ages up to 17. 


    2. CARE Project Girls, Inc

    This program will provide nuturing, fine arts events and etiquette for young women. This program is designed to assist young ladies with their promotion to young adult-hood. Those included will be ages 17-25.  


    3. Moving Onward Young Man

    This particular program stands on the shoulders of the founding fathers original purpose. The goal is to re-direct young men from negative avenues to positive walks in life. Likewise, we will assist young men who have experienced a hardship in life to choose the right direction (Boys -to- Men).  We will work with young men of all nationalities from age 17 to 25. 


    4. Forty-Nine & Holding Club 

    This program will provide interaction, engagement & fun for seniors and all those over 50 years of age. 

  • Annual Holiday Basket Give Away

    Annually our program gives away 25-30 fully loaded baskets with a smoked ham or turkey and all of the holiday goodies at Thanksgivng & Christmas. We partner with Walker's Bar BQ, BIG 6 Alliance LLC, Osborne Financial Group, ROE Enterprise (Zebro's Sports Agency & Sky-Box Special Service Agency), Pratt & Thomas Law Firm PLLC, The Law Office of Vonda Bailey, The Guidry Law Firm, BBVA Compass Bank-DeSoto Branch, and Comerica Bank (Wheatland Rd-Dallas,TX).    

  • Annual Toy Drive

    Our Annual Christmas Toy Drive is focused at this time on The Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, TX. We along with all of the parties mentioned above in our basket giveaways are constant sponsors of this event as well. Likewise, we have particiaption for this event from the following organizations: The law firm of Mahomes Bolden, PLLC & The CARE Groups of Lawrence & Marder Church of Christ.


  • Work in progress are donations to:

    A. 1. Diabetes
    a. Adult Diabetes
    b. Juvenile Diabetes

    2. Cancer
    a. Lung Cancer
    b. Breast Cancer
    c. Prostate Cancer

    3. Aging Concern Diseases
    a. Dementia
    b. Alzhemimer's
    c. Arthritis
    d. Metabolic Disorders

    B. Youth Programs
    1. Academic Scholarships to two (2) Elementary School Programs Annually.
    2. Academic Scholarship to one (1) Middle School Program Annually.
    3. An Academic or Athletic Scholarship to a " Top 10 Graduate (both male & female)"For Assistance w/Books" during their "Freshman Year" of College.

    C. Annual Athletic Awards to:
    1. Two (2) youth basketball programs
    2. A youth baseball program
    3. A youth cheer program
    4. A youth football program
    5. Two (2) youth soccer programs
    6. A youth volleyball program 

  • Annual Youth Home Contributions & Donations In Partnership with the Lawrence & Marder Church of Christ:

    1. Cherokee Children's Home
    2. Lubbock Home for Children
    3. Southwestern Christian College

  • Annual Senior Citizen Activities:

    "The Christian Care Center" 'Angel Tree' (The Lawrence & Marder Church of Christ-Girl Scouts Troop No. 2285)


Associate Group's Galas & Annual Banquets

Over the years...

CARE Project Foundation, Inc Board of Directors and Friends hosted a fund raising gala in Houston, TX  at the Hilton Hotel (2010).

Listed and Above are some of CARE Project Foundation, Inc's Board Members with their table guest at the City of DeSoto's Annual Banquet (2011). 

More recent years...

Also, CARE Project Foundation, Inc CEO recently spoke at "Addison Town Festivities" in Addison, Texas (2018).....

 Lastly, CARE Project Foundation, Inc's CEO and Executive Director where recently participants at fund raising gala for a non-profit organization in Cedar Hill, TX  (2018)...

These are some, NOT ALL, of the events over the past decade that have been vastly notable to our campaigning and public relations' efforts.

Please continue supporting our work with your generous donations.

Get Creative with Us!

Scholarships awarded by CARE Project Foundation, Inc will be generated from funds donated by individuals, companies, corporations, and special campaign drives.

Annually we have our "Sustaining Campaign Drive", that our board of directors coordinate. The board along with their individual co-workers and friends solicit our donations. Our campaign runs from June through December of each year.

Because we are a public recognized foundation all donations are one hundred (100%) percent tax deductible and qualified by the Internal Revenue Code, section 170 (c).  

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