Reginald W. Osborne



He challenges the youth of the world to do better through various programs centered around risk management, mentorships, consulting opportunities, and wealth building.



Reginald aspires to encourage, educate and influence future generations with his strong passion for community outreach and growth.



Reginald Osborne has over 35 years of experience in Marketing, Public Relations, Promotions, Fund Raising, teaching, real estate and investing. He has over 36 years in education with 26 of those years being in higher education at the management and faculty level. He has provided a variety of marketing services including marketing research, branding, strategy and market plans. He has comprehensive experience with handling public relations strategies for clients by handling media relations, press releases, trade shows and special events.



As Chief Risk Officer, his conviction is that every organization should have balance, growth opportunities, structure, community service projects and continued education.


Years of Experience
Risk Assessment
Number of Projects over 16 years
Real Estate Projects
Years of Experience
Networking Events
Coordinating, Funding & Admin years
Project Management


"I had the pleasure and opportunity to have Reginald Osborne as my Educational Mentor. While I was working towards my associates degree, he guided my steps in how to balance work and school. He was encouraging and motivated me to strive for the highest level of success. I would recommend anyone to use his services "

T. Watson
Business Consortium Administrator

"Mr. Reginald Osborne was my Business Consultant. He went above and beyond to assist me with things I needed done for my business. He was trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I would recommend anyone to use his services. "

J. Ehioguh
Small Business Owner 

"Reginald Osborne is the idea person for consulting when it comes to small business management. I have known Reginald for over 20 years and he has always been diligent in his endeavors. He is always open to structure and innovation. Likewise, he brings a high level of education and skills to most projects. He definitely has what is needed to deliver excellent results."

Henry O
      Author and Public Speaker

" Reginald is the "Get It Done" person you want to create excitement & generate new revenue for your business. His background and accomplishments are a testament to that. You will get an immediate sense of gratitude from his business activity and his diligent skills. When you meet him, he is a person that grasps what you want to accomplish quickly. He determines how he can assist you, and is ready to get to action in order to manifest your need."

- Larry B.

Baudith & Assoc., ChFP 

" I have know Reginald for over 15 years. He is a team player that always strives to assure that any project that he is involved in is handled in a timely fashion and in a very professional mannor. Some of his skills are communication, organization and management. I will definitely recommend him for any business activity venture. "

M. Tiggs

" Reginald W. Osborne is a reliable, trustworty, capable and innovative individual. He is very well connected to the business sector of Dallas County and very highly esteemed. This is evident from your first meeting with him and your opimion doesn't change. When reviewing his list of accomplishments it is well documented that he is a great asset in any environment he participates in."

- J. West